metal’s got an edge
cuts it clean
look at the metal
polished machine
drive the metal
feel it respond
touch the metal
feel it respond

test the metal
try to break it
hit the metal
try to break it
build with metal
metal joins metal
shape the metal
only metal breaks metal

look at the water
look at the metal
the water is smooth
the metal reflects
the water reflects
the metal is smooth
the water has an edge
the metal has an edge
the water never breaks
the metal never breaks


world sees me in the mirror
one face looking back
the final confrontation
where to part my hair
how to coordinate
this hand with that hand
what should I say
if I could explain
to the mirror
“this is the way it is”
or at least appears


pattern of a pattern
oil in a street puddle
you find a plastic fish
in the sunlight it glistens
you say to yourself, “it gleams”