plastic is both good and bad
it can be anything
it is never the real thing
you can mould plastic
bend it, break it, eat it
in fact you probably do
plastic feels like plastic
so there can be no mistake
long after you and i are dead
plastic will still be there
smooth, shiny, colourful
plastic lives forever


the razor is blonde with blue eyes
the tears are black
and the edge is white fire
in the glare of the streetlight

to love the razor
it must be an extension of the hand
a bone of steel
pared to essence

the blade is quick
the edge is fear
the razor traces a red line
the drunken weave of our victim
dances for us beneath the pale moon

this is what we worship
this is what we fear
this is the way we live


chilled milk sweats through the jug
but it is not cold enough for milk
therefore refrigerators exist.
Their cool white exterior
entices milk through mimicry
into cold black confines,
that which milk finds most attractive.
Just like milk to be seduced
by what it loves and fears—milk!