in the bathtub
i am a whale
i am leviathan
filling the basin
until i stretch its sides
making continents of soap
and oceans in my navel

floating serene
the water supporting my incredible bulk
i watch my ripples
send crashing down
the towers of mind and thought


at first people didn’t like the tower
then they took it for granted
the revolving disco restaurant spelt “sparkles”
differently each night
and people put up with it
as if some dear friend’s first born shat upon the rug
or someone you dined with spat up a hairball
you just smile and continue as if
nothing ever happened
soon, the city began to identify with the tower
it posed on postcards with pretty girls
everyone got used it to it following them around
like your little brother
or a faithful puppy
dragging its big head over the horizon


world in miniature
push it, make it go
spinning, no meaning,
just wind and pull

which switch
the damn thing