give me the strength and courage to endure
the tempest and tumult of my heart
let me know peace,
mind torn by doubt and despair,
let your works be a sign
that all is knit and One
pearl necklace strung light and dark,
both the Lord’s work.
Let me know your place is within,
that when I despair that you are lost,
you are lost.
That when I cry for you and there is no answer,
it is a sign.
I am a dust mote resting but a moment
in the sunbeam of your love.
And in that instant I am gold.
That is all I know.
Hear my prayer of thanks
for the stars and the sun and the moon.
Let each new day find new works of man begun.
New lives tumbled, new struggles found.
I listen and hear your song, Oh Lord,
I see the towers of the mighty and they are your shadow.
I see that we rise and fall upon a mighty ocean of time
and it is yours, each wave, each drop, each mote,
this moment to be shared with Thee