there is a love that does not perish
there is a love that cannot fail
it is the sound of our singing
the sound of the clouds in the sky
it is a love that cannot be forgotten
it is the spring that never runs dry

the stars cast their spears down before it
the lords of heaven tremble before it
the damned in hell thirst for it
it is the love that cannot fail

there is a love that does not perish
a love that survives each loving part
a love that cannot be divided
the love within each beating heart

there is a love that is the source of strength
a love that always is re-made
at the root of each flower
each stone rolled ‘neath the water
at the base of each mountain
the spring of each ocean
the love that surrenders
that nourishes and sustains
that speaks words of truth
heard in deepest dreams

It is here with you now
Place your hand on your breast
Feel the beat that promises
The love that cannot surrender
The love that is always with you
The love that cannot die

There is a love that does not perish
that waits without breath or pain
without forgetting, without wanting
without comfort, without shame
waiting for you to find it
in the dance of light upon the water
take you in its hand
and remind you
what it is to love again

it is the love that cannot perish
the love that cannot be divided
the love that cannot be taken
the love that will always remain


This is the final prayer/poem in the book Deep Water. I would like to thank followers, likes, and readers for reading this book. I will post 12 books this year. This is my second book and now it is over. The most personal—if there are differences regards the soul in poetry. Which seems to me debatable.

I was uncertain how this book would be received after the insouciant attitude of Monochromatics. Thanks for sticking with me— there are more books to come and I promise more folly, less sorrow—but. always, poetry.

In my reading about bereaved parents, a common thread amongst fathers is they seek to create a legacy. I had a beautiful son, named Stephen Arlen Maxwell. Arlen means a pledge, a deep promise. He died just before his eighth birthday so there is a horrible resonance to this last post. I am going to add a picture of him going out for Hallowe’en as a Jedi. A hero. This book is his legacy. Thank you for reading.