I am attracted to many things,
bound and repelled by forces equal to mine,
I cannot deny their gravity. Released,
then renouned, I am encased, profound,
fossilized and found in amber ’round your neck,
nestled ‘twixt planets that beckon and inspect,
my hands set spinning moments that intersect.

Surrender to my kisses, I am not circumspect.
Sing to me of the spheres, of rents in arrears,
I know you are sent to instruct me in the music
that was made tonight before you arrived. You fell
into me and aroused a room I had rent as empty.
No one bought. You signed me.
I sold and you danced into a line
that I followed though I could not believe
it was you. You found me and claimed me, led me over the plain,
I followed the lines of the horizon until I found day again.
You washed my mouth with clean water, fed me with dew,
whatever strength I have is that which spins in you. In you,
I am renewed. In you the water is clear through. I drink
and find myself in your waves, you gaze back at me and kiss
with depths untrolled, I cannot resist. I swim controlled,
settle and rise, bound to thee, oh contrary pole.