the weather will be brilliant today
lovely clouds rolling in on morning dew
brilliant greens wakening around us
as dawn gets us up bright and perky,
it’s 5:30 in the morning and good morning
to you! it’s going to be hot and hazy so keep
those invalids and small children, elderly with
history of heart disease and chronic sufferers
of asthma inside and near an air conditioner;
gosh it’s going to be a grand day! If you’re
near the lakeshore then smear on that sunscreen
and get ready to enjoy but unless you’re at the
West channel on the Island—don’t go in that water!
It’s filled with e. coli and aren’t we a dirty dirty bunch
of boys and girls to be putting in those illegal sewer hook ups
now just stop it everyone—let’s be part of the solution
not the yada yada—Oh I Am So Boring—and it’s almost
5:31, the sun is just rising and will set tonight at 9:40—
we are in for one of those hot hot summer days
we all love to complain about and it’s going to be
a scorcher so dress light and drink plenty of fluids
be careful with your pets … so many of us
forget our little best friend at home needs extra water
perhaps a fan for cooling off—growing cloud cover
in the afternoon with a possibility of rain—which
is exactly what we need to clear our beautiful skies
of all this smog—so don’t count on it folks!
it’s 5:31 proper and it’s going to be a great day
in our beautiful city—now back to you Kev
and we’re live!

(This is a poem I wrote about Toronto over ten years ago. We have made amazing progress cleaning up the watershed and I would like to tell anyone thinking of visiting T.O. — all of the beaches on the Island are good for swimming. Imagine a city where you can take the TTC to the waterfront, get on a municipal ferry, walk ten minutes and be on a beautiful sand beach on a enormous freshwater lake that rivals any of the great beaches on Earth. Oh yes.)