Timothy E first blew a melody
on the corn husk hymns of his forefathers
and one hundred per cent satisfaction
guaranteed and consequently made out
admirably – sea to sea – and built a church
for posterity.
Toronto may change but
its capital comes naturally, religiously.
The Meeting Place resonates with the
printing press of MacKenzie, of Bassett
and Pelideau – everyone wants to print
money in Toronto.
Roger me that communication
commando, Maple Leaf, Blue Jay, Raptor,
Argo! the sweet spot may lose, but the cash
registers sing; Reichman bank towers, Heintzman
piano bowers, croon to each other, “This
is our golden hour.” CN stockyards, rails stretch
West to East, whisper coast to coast “More for All,
the Best for Least,” and everyone hears lease
and imagines it can be theirs for a song – in time,
make it rhyme, Money and Me, making it easy,
making it big, taking a bite of the Big Apple
and stuffing it right in the mouth
of the roast pig, Hogtown here I come.