gonna lay down my sorrows and woe
tell me someone’s more miserable than me
’bout ready to lay down my burden of living
tell me someone’s more tired than me
tell me someone hurts worse than me

I’m listening to this fountain
crying the sound of my tears
just let me stop aching for an answer
one more tear drop in a torrent
how much more Lord how many more

Lord, pray my child get’s better
don’t let my boy die this way
I’ve been talking to this fountain all day Lord
and it don’t hear how I pray
No, it don’t hear a word I say

Got to cry, ‘cause I feel like water
got to cry, so I can still feel the pain
Let me turn into a quiet little fountain
take me go back to the beginning again
Lord, take me back to the beginning again

someone once told me suffering will end
someone who never suffered at all
look at this water, it’s got no troubles
just wash away my hurt like little bubbles
wash away these troubles, end it all

gonna save my tears in this fountain
so I know where to find them again
only reason I’m sitting here crying
this fountain‘s in need of a friend
Lord, let each tear drop be its friend