when I drift closer to shore
I find out more about the score

when I drift further away
what will happen will come what may

I warm in the sun on the sand
I know in the wind I am whipped

I watch the light and water play
I reflect, I am here but for a day

I watch the moon court with a cloud
by a driftwood fire I sing out loud

into the water, everyone skinny
it’s too dark to know who is or inny

birds soar, stride along the shore
carry me away from the workaday

in the hustle and traffic of the quotidian beach
I travel with the shadows as they beat the heat

the sun is at work and I am at play
it really doesn’t matter if you go or stay

the pebble rolls in the wave
as men do grind against each other

sand castles are built to fall
end of day we find them all