The world needs more roads, needs more variety stores, needs more software, needs more television, needs more radio, needs more words to tell you what to listen to and who to pay attention to, needs more millionaires, needs more teachers, needs more rodeos, men and women ride past on horses, carry pikes that fly chevrons, wheel about, canter around the sawdust ring;

the world needs more rivers, more forests, more canoes plying pure waters; the world needs more air. more space for wires, more time for looking; the world needs more spice, more smells, more tasting, sharing everything with each other; the world needs more love, more touching, more resting of weary soul on friendly shoulder, last confessions of small days catching our final fears; the world needs more time, more people, more starts, more finishes, more astronomies and galaxies to provide them; the world needs more hymns and prayers, songs, choruses making one voice of many, a time of echoes and valleys carved between them;

the world is just wonder—my negative proof follows: mountains seem smaller, oceans shallower, when we are right beside them— they are meant to be seen at a distance; the stars are simple to understand when we call them the Sun; outstretched, my hand holds everything in it.