Modern landscape includes kitsch architecture, styles of facade, advertising signage, antique service stations … we project our nostalgia for history onto self generated past landscape.
We want a time when everyone agreed what happened. The fabulous time of tranquil forests, fertile orchards, and clear streams. Instead, we have our modern city—we are no longer a community of souls subjugating the unexpected, we are facets of each other tunneling through the creation of a new abstract order—we have transformed our landscape into psychic topography and move ever deeper into the photograph/painting/map of thought—

The lens changes, the lion is the chimera, the sign that rhymes, that sells
the moment by moment flick of motion, new frames in the wilderness,
the promise of free land that sent us roaming in search of a part
of ourselves, that set us to run into/after/over each other;
we stand on stacked landscapes to get a better view.

We obliterate the wild within our architecture, and believe/explain
it is our landscape. We have forgotten our tools only anthropomorphize
that which is already human — you and me. We believe we see a lion.
Then the landscape is very alive; it scares us.