When I ask these questions
if you give the right answers
there will be no pain
do you understand?

I deplore circumstance
has led us to this, but I am
a professional and I pursue truth
with the greatest zeal.

I want to believe you,
and I would believe you
but I cannot believe you
because you’re lying to me.

I am quite ruthless,
please understand
these acts of torture
only help you

to try to remember.
I do implore you
tell me the real truth
I want to believe you.

If I could only believe you—
does squeezing please you?
I could do so much more
to help you remember.

Tell me what you’re feeling,
what you’re thinking—
it really is
of interest to me.

Does your smoking bother you?
Would you like to tell me something?
Relax, breath deeply,
take your time, have a nice day.

Be happy. I’m happy.
Happy to share this time together
It makes such a difference to me;
I hope you feel the same way.

These little moments
will be our golden moments—
we’ll share so many
you’ll see.

And when you get to know me …

No, when you REALLY get to know me
you’ll really start to like me
we’ll talk and share stories
just like old friends—can I call you friend?

strange beginnings
make for wonderful endings
we’ll laugh about this one day.

But until our next time,
you think about the truth
and what you want to tell me
good night — dear friend.

<this … nasty piece of work … begins my eighth book Voices, Songs & Blues — hopefully, obviously, this is a Voice>