I’ve got the never-ending,
never-ending, never-ending
<walk to tonic—strut>

I got friends in China
want to take me dining
any time I choose
but they say: “one thing
old ting-a-ling,
so as not to confuse
you got to leave behind
those never ending
never ending, never ending

I went to Ireland
where everyone’s smilin’
man, when I left they had the Blues
took a chance
went to France
before I could say “merci beaucoup
they struck the tricolour
replaced it with something duller
and on the Left Bank everyone
was tres vrai bleu

I went to Texas,
the Lone Star State
when I arrived
everything was great
called up a cowgirl
asked her out on a date
“you sure you got a car?”
she began to hesitate
I told her it’s vintage
right out back
we went outside
the car is fried
a comet hit my Meteor
roasted blue
(the cowgirl too)
that’s how I know I got the never ending blues

let me tell you something
that ain’t the news
I got the never ending never ending blues
I come into the room
everyone wants to move
ask my Ma — she never returns my calls
ask my Pa — he don’t know me at all
no one admits so it’s gotta be true

I got those never ending
never ending
never ending blues