My lawyer’s suing me
my banker wants back his loan
they took my car away from me
and I can’t afford my home
but what can you do? Youse
got the Toronto Blues

People drive by me
cover me with mud
the way they look at me
might as well be blood
when you got nowhere to go
you got the Blues in Toronto

The Mayor says
A man with no Ride
got no Pride, he ain’t
part of the parade
and friendly streets
are just a charade

you get pushed down South
you’re in the drink
run over by the Porter link

push out East
you’re on the Beach
sounds good until you want
out of the East

pushed out West
you’re in Mimico
don’t ask, you don’t wanna know

get pushed up North
how far do you want to go?
there’s lots of choice
or move to Etobicoke

and in the midst of the power
there’s a pinprick tower
to remind you it’s as minimal
as it all seems to be

cause when
the bills come due
and you’re nothing
but in the blue
you oughta know—
there’s no blues
more on the go
than the blues you get
livin’ in Toronto