sunset cloud skates chromatic
spring fever officially begun
drum thrum
singers chant
chorus melodium
fingers stray upon the keyboard
slip ‘twixt black and white

where has my piano gone?
my playing is outta sight
slipped the keyboard
slipped the string
never mind, each hand stomps
lid closed, still, I sing

march of keys
march of time
something ahead
something behind
can’t you hear hammers cry
can’t you hear woodwinds sigh
strings a sing, tympa-knee-oh-me-oh-mah
what is that sound?
just me crying

where is my piano?
— gone baby gone —
where are my keys
— chain gang digging gone —
I’m ruffing without riffing
— what’s the news, that’s the news —
I need my strings
— ask the sun, tell the moon —
hear them ring,
little hammers pound pong pang ping
I just gotta, I just hafta, I just wanna sing

hands brush ivory with simple caress
Lift that Load!
Lift that Load!
admire the harp – hold the lid
heave hard, Ho!
kick aside the dolly
set it on the skid
by the numbers,
on one — Hard!
Hold The Lid!

Sound of tumbling
pennies and marbles my sons dropped in
silent strings sing
hammered by lesser things
keep them singing while I’m humbling
little song set spinning
one end marks another beginning

twirl that box of sound
set it on its end
music is universal ground
gravity won’t make it bend
start at the beginning
get those sevenths in a circle
rack up the minors
break ‘em eight to the bar
make the blues purple
pile those harmonies
on the trailer behind the car
rock the casbah
rush the stage
they’ve taken my piano
feels like nothing
like nothing remains

steel a piece of my heart
iron wood ebony ivory
I want to play endlessly
my piano’s gone missing
seems all that remains
feels like pain
like I’m standing still

lift that load gently
take care how you set her down
hold her reverentially, boys
she’s got a heavenly sound
kick aside the dolly
set her on the skid
all on one, Ho!
hold the lid!