B 4d I apologize
I must say I despise
the way you judge me
in this, my Ford moment

caught between the crosshairs
I’ll blow a kiss, act debonair
and hope you don’t think I’m gay
oops, sorry — just another Ford moment

I told you I said sorry
I don’t get the story
c’mon I’m just another drunk
having another Ford moment

so I smoke a little crack
you got no right to call me whack
if I don’t like it, I’ll get you back
hang on for just a Ford moment

I live in a castle
made of no hassle
can’t stop me now
I‘m Robbie Hustle
gonna flex some muscle
everyone stand back
sometimes I’m a maniac

Look I’ll give you a chance
I wasn’t in that place
I’ve no more to explain
say that again I’ll dance on your face

What can I say? I’m Canadian
I’m going to apologize again and again!

And I can assure you — each one of you
is doing right now what everyone has done at one point or another in their life and just like all of you I am also
having another Ford moment


<I am a citizen of Toronto—if you have followed my blog I’m sure you can guess I didn’t vote for Ford. I’m not allowed to talk about Ford in my household—that edict was passed long before the crack admissions. I could go on and on about the travesty of Ford as a Councillor and Mayor — but I’m not allowed to do that in my house and I think house rules extend to WordPress. Here’s the point — he cannot be believed; I only believe independently verified sources regards anything he says; amongst his many political travesties he has steadfastly voted against any motions that sought funding to deal (positively) with gangs/drugs addicts/guns/housing projects/etc. — he really is the caricature he appears to be. He has seized the city and plunged it into his psychodrama — true sign of a dysfunctional personality. And there is more to come. I hate to say it but the story is not done yet. There is still evidence before the courts that has yet to be revealed. It’s not a good time for those of us who love our city. In ten months we get to vote — if we go to court to toss him out of office it will take that long anyway. He is a demagogue and unfortunately people will vote for such. The larger question for all Torontonians remains — what kind of city do we want? Because our Mayor has to reflect our city — and it’s apparent we’re having a hard time finding someone to fill those shoes. Stay tuned — September 2014 we vote and this election is shaping up to be a good one!>