got rocks in the head
I’m fine, field find,
bought out the spread
got a mine, dig my mind

strike for the motherlode
break through to mental
overload, tear off the roof
and blast me back home

rocks in my head, rocks in my head
keep telling me I’m better off dead
lost in the mine without a light
feeling fine, rocks are all right

gonna get me some TNT
create some meaningful memories
rocks keep bursting out of me
nothing I can do, they’re a part of me

rocks in the head, rocks in yours too
don’t ask me — I don’t know why
rocks in the head, what can you do
gonna have a party, let those rocks fly

rocks in  the head, what can you do
rocks in the head gonna break on through
lots of ‘xploding ‘xplaining going round
rocks in the head they make that sound

bring down the ceiling
bring down the sky
rocks in my head, I don’t ask why
bust those rocks and let  ‘em fly