(a hallowe’en romp)
baby’s looking funny since she died
got me feeling like suicide
baby I can’t wait until you speak
thru that rip in your cheek

C’mon baby, dare to be mine
You went and ate me out of my mind
you’re no valentine, you Hallowe’en queen
now give me back my liver and spleen,

oh, oh, oh,

give ‘em back, give ‘em back to me,
no more post amorous history
zombie love all gone wrong, give’ em back,
or I’ll get you with my heart attack

people say you’re a pretty ghoul
they say they like the way you drool
it’s alright I’ll just lock the door
cause once I’m gone
they won’t see you no more

baby likes the look  of human being
and you’re the best she’s ever seen
how about this Hallowe’en
you bring the meat

she provides the scream

it’s apparent to me this mutual misery
there’s no need to talk, we’re beyond all that
just one last attack, I’ll take my heart back

oh, oh, oh