and this then at day’s end
all with all is quiet
all with all is won
the loud flaming fair weather friend
bids a calm and holy night
and soon then comes the moon

memories have been met this day
all with all is quiet
all with all is one
we sitting in the hollowed hallowed sway
of the sighing wind knit smiles with all our might
warm glowing smiles which rival the swan singing sun

heaven holds its promises now
each with itself is sacred
each with itself is grand
holds its promises easy and low
holds its promises to be freely celebrated
holds its dreams to the outstretched hand

we sit quiet in conversation
each with his dreams
each to his own
we all young and easy in roaring celebration
held lightly in simmering summering schemes
and  gathered tenderly in the season’s very crown

and as with all the body
the so with all the mind
and all in all
there is a oneness
and a wondrous feast
of peace and quiet joy

Ian David Arlett