Conventionality is not morality.  Self-righteousness Is not religion.  To attack the first is not to assail the last.  Charlotte Bronte, 1847

in our country tolerance is waning
as the world turns right

all those long battles for human rights
papered over with short-sighted dogma

heartless theory where
ideology trumps reason

historically, we know all these things
just ask the Jews of Berlin

all those crazy Russian cats
playing jazz in those cool gulags

ask the Cree how ideology
worked out for them

as the Jesuit crows descended
like black rain

as the future faded fast and final on Hiroshima
in the bright light of a promised dark

we are dust
specks under the illuminating sun

what we take from this earth
and each other

the measure
of our complicity

what we give back
our only chance at grace

Michael Dennis