she got into my cab at the train station
knew where she wanted to go

it was a motel just west of the city
I was much younger then

and she seemed very lonely
we talked the few miles

talked through the red lights
and the green

and when we arrived at the motel
the Rock Haven Motor Hotel

we were on a first name basis
and for a tip

she asked me into her room

it was clear what she wanted
what she needed

and I was willing
to give her some of it

but by the time
we were through

it was clear
I didn’t have what she needed

she cried while I got dressed
and cried some more

when I kissed her goodbye
I closed the door softly

got back in my taxi
turned on the light

let the dispatcher know
I was back in business

rolled the big car softly
over the noisy gravel

and back out
onto the street

Michael Dennis