In the world of passive versus active
Meg Ryan pretending to achieve orgasm
over a sandwich in a deli
is a kick in the ass to the social construct

Sally is telling Harry
in no uncertain terms
that the phallus is phony

much to Billy Crystal’s wonderment
Sally has taken
all of the power
into her lily white hands
and without touching herself
dismantles the social construction
of dominance

she fakes
the satisfaction
she’d present a male lover
to keep his illusions alive
the illusion of his own prowess

if she, and apparently, she does
control her own sexuality, her own orgasm
her own joy and satisfaction
then she has no real need for cock
except to assuage the need
of the man attached to it

all those polite social behaviours
we equate with sexuality
icing on the cake

Meg Ryan moaning over coleslaw
in a New York deli
cutting through every illusion
in Billy Crystal’s head

When Harry Met Sally, Rob Riener, 1998

by Michael Dennis