Adriane is not one of the P’bo Poets — she is a daughter of the P’bo clan. This isn’t part of P’bo poets — I just like it. Plus, Adriane’s name is an anagram for Ariadne. Enjoy!

adriane d clipperton


between life and death?

there is poverty.

the poor man is the natural man.

he looks at all your fabrics you have arranged about you, skins from animals made in factories that you’ve never hunted for more than a mall’s walk,

and he is naked.

he’s cold.

but at least he didn’t have to decide what to wear today.

the natural man sprouts uncontrolled.

he cannot afford a razor

he is not born with a waxing kit

or the knowledge of depilatory creams and laser and electrolysis

the natural man is born naked and all skin

and he grows his hair.

the natural man likes your hands, your feet.

you don’t see why. his hands are large

his feet are flat

they both work fine.

you see the permanent stain of use

the fingertips a tool the nails a hammer

his hands broad and your back so…

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