Foolish dream
uv liberty/ yu
are now complete/
yr lost boys
run thru yr
streets/ taking
what they want/
y’cant ‘stop them
that wd not
be yr way/
now yr confused/
aren’t ya just
a little afraid/
C’mon admit
the lost boys hav
found yr home/
now, yr your own/
reluctant guest

© Ward Maxwell, 1976/2014

In 1976, when Riley and I rented an apartment together in Peterborough, attended Trent U. and furiously wrote, read, breathed poetry together, I published my first book — a collection of poems of Riley’s and mine, titled Borders. Hilary (now Shaalah) Monk typed the poems onto Gestetner sheets, Joe Stable drew illustrations directly onto said sheets, I ran them off in the basement of Sandy Stewart’ 2nd hand book store where I worked (The Bookstore — eloquent) and Bruce Rivard hand bound the books.