the frequency of spring
homes in on any radio, any
electro-static device including
the nerve network of all operating
bio-chemical self aware systems
susceptible to joy, lust, hatred, love,

the delicacy of spring is our moment,
this moment when we renew
the broadcast of our moment
in front of you, this moment,
when I am me in front of you
you renew me,
it can’t happen without you;
help me, make me anew.

the frequency of spring is indiscrete,
it resonates incomplete, we secrete
ourselves into each other and at times
it winters, other times boils,
sometimes we fall by the wayside,
but right now
the frequency is incomplete
and you and I are in each other’s
sight, I draw you into my arms
and I beg you to follow me
into a shared shudder
of delight.