you have to lose everything to gain it all
you got to tear it down—use a wrecking ball
kiss the dust, make new concrete
whatever you consume, you excrete
the terms are known, you are edible
whatever you buy will soon be landfill
your shopping cart illusion will never be full
pass your goods through the mesh, make them mush
that would be mesh plus you, sorry to explain it
that way, talking to you George W Bush

you have to fail to be complete, you have to fall
to land on your feet, you have to have secrets
to be indiscrete, there must be luxury when people
live in the street, you got ivory? an elephant
died. you got pain? you got pride. no complaint
you got no say, there’s a reason we’re living
dreams from yesterday. let me say it clearly
anything you want you will pay for dearly
you must lose it all to love your sincerity
don’t close your eyes if you want to see with clarity