at first getting bent was funny, it made
the jokes better, but constant transformation
can wear on you after a while, you start
to lose yourself, what am I saying? I lost
that self long gone, another past, the wind
can carry thoughts if you listen closely
did you know that? where is my dog?
I’m sorry, I keep forgetting myself
I’ll try to remember for your sake
well it was awful exciting to be one of the first,
we had no idea giants would follow, did you know
giants have no shadows, it’s true, it’s how they blend
into mountains so you never see them and they can talk
to the sun and moon because all they have is mouths and eyeballs…
don’t be upset it comes and goes, a tidal thing
I try not to be upset by it, I roll with it, like swimming
it seemed we could do anything in black and white
I think colour had a really negative impact on me
I don’t see it that well for one thing, like people
will tell me it’s an orange but I don’t see it!
that was a joke, you’re not laughing, no laughs,
no more jokes, no more rolling up the scenery,
look behind that curtain will you see if my dog is there,
he has a bad habit of hiding in the shadows,
I’m going to go now, watch out for my feet

(Koko’s first appearance was in 1919. He is the first, and most of the cartoon folk agree, the original, the one who pointed the way. He showed us what could be done. Yes, he’s not a funny animal, but Fitz was the first cartoon dog in film. Koko was discovered in a sanitarium on the West Coast. Fitz has not been seen for many years. I hope to find him one day. GG)