That was my fucking mountain they used in Fantasia.
You know why Minnie is my fucking girl — she does what she’s told.
Not like that fucking duck that can’t keep 3 nephews in line.
As that miserable fucking long eared road kill rodent would say, “what a Maroon.”
I keep Pluto because fucking Goofy is an abomination, and I like to rub it in his nose.
What I need is a big fucking pill to take all my problems away.
What I really need is a complete re-write of Jessica Rabbit — we’ll start by making her a fucking mouse.
Walt fucking Disney can shine my rosy posterior with his nose.

(I have to admit I arrived at the Mansion without announcement. What I didn’t expect was for himself to answer the door. Aloof, inscrutable, I won’t attest to his mental state at the time, nonetheless, his charisma and presence was undeniably The Mouse.
He first appeared in Steamboat Willie in 1928, and nothing has been the same since. GG)