the shoes were good — they had power
not so much the hair bow and polka dots
that’s how it was — one step forward, one back
working with the boys I called it
each of them so eager to be the one
dropping their pants like their cock
was the first I had ever seen
waiting for me to do something
with that stupid look on their face
not Donald — he was disturbing
The Mouse was the worst
we reached an understanding
I don’t tell, he doesn’t tell
which is unfortunate
as I could tell so much
but I won’t because it means
each scene I do with the twisted
little rodent is a victory

(The better half of cartoon’s power couple. Properly Minerva Mouse, she carries herself with the dignity of a goddess. If I was impressed with him, I am in awe of her. First appeared in 1928 in Steamboat Willie, she has been the Mouse’s on screen paramour ever since. GG)