‘slithee further the Mousenstays, slip onto the peel
don’t deny the interstices, hey, keep your trousers sealed
your insistence on the Schadenfreude will certainly appeal
it’s every scene that I am in, I sure am sly to steal

my jalopy of frugality is my monument to mobility
I am nobility, look at me; I’m free, free me, from
normality, more normal than you can believe …
Horatio, I knew you, I was there, gargling térroire
on the esplanade, staring Vlad, and Estragon I 2 I
that instant dispute that’s got no restraint, to say
I is and ain’t, I got taste, not to misplace my sense
of trust in your dis-taste for what I fail to represent
think of me as you will — perhaps I didn’t
play the part so well it didn’t fool you, but It
was good enough for me, because I am Nobody’s Fool!

(Shortly after MM gained Pluto, another hound broke onto the scene. But what a hound! No one had ever seen anything like him before. Actually, they did. Originally appearing as Dippy Dawg in 1932, the G is another who transformed himself into the great we know today. Who needs anthropomorphis when you have metamorphosis? Loved by all who work with him, I found him a fountain of thought, whose strange syntax and references left my tiny mind whirling. There’s more under that hat than people realize. GG)