here are the rules
Rule Number One:
bend over and take it like a duck
there are no other rules
this is an evil land presided over
by evil creatures, not all who walk
in the skin of man
I am not only a product of demand
I am a product of who shall I be
today? a decision made entirely beyond
this duck’s wingspan
whatever your weakness
whatever your darkest secret
that is how they control you
how they make sure you web
the line, what you do in your time
is your little problem, only yours
as long as you don’t end up on the front page
discredit the brand, with an emphasis
on credit, the filthy lucre, the good old simoleons
the dream must be protected; the dreamers
cannot awake, everything depends on it
woe to the fowl that forgets that
that cannot adapt to today’s bribe
bend over duck, pretend you like it
bend over and forget who you are
bend over duck, take it like a man
the dream requires it