a sp, sp, sp, spee, … talking impede, impede, impetigo, oh gosh
problem is the wuh, wuh, wuh, worst thing you could ever
wuh, wuh, wish on a child, a pun, pun, punish … sentence of puh,
pu, puh, pain and ma, mah, misery no wuh, wuh, wuh, body should
ever ex, ex, experie, oh for heavens sake! feel. Imaguh, uh, uh, imagine
being off, off, offered the wuh wuh world to a, a, allow pe, pe, peop,
everyone to laugh at your muh muh misery. I’m nuh nuh no hero,
I took the duh, duh, duh, deal. Wha wha the hell was I goi, goi …
expected to do? Wuh wuh wuh walk a wuh wuh wuh way?
Duh duh duh do you have any id, id, id, concept what uh, uh, uh,
alternatives I ha ha ha ha had? The slaw, slaw, slaw … abattoir
is what. Th, th, this juh, juh, juh chance, luh luh literally saved my
buh buh buh ham. Ya ya you see a luh luh life buh, buh, buoy,
you grah grah grab it. So, I did. Fuh, Fuh Forgive me,
tuh tuh talking tie, tie, wears me out.
(Mr. Pig’s illustrious career began in 1935. GG)