You know the Mouse?
He’s as country as hick can be.
He follows the rules!
What a Maroon!
When I’m running around the frame
you see me following any rules?
Dis is it — when those guys said,
“Badges? We ain’t got no badges. We don’t need no badges,”
they’re members of MY club,
The Bugs Club — the running amok club,
as in I mock, U mock, we’re All
There ain’t no rules Doc,
the carrot is just a figment
of your overactive imagination.

(The irrepressible rabbit premiered in 1940 with Mr. Tex Avery directing. Somewhat of a late comer to cartoondom, he is as unforgettable off screen as on. Whereas there are others who claim all they did was play a character, Mr. Bunny is the character. The style, the mannerisms are all there. A true natural. GG)