It was when they put the pants on me
I really questioned who I was.
It’s the same question I ask myself every day
what am I — animal or man? The being that began
as a loveable Panda bear?
Or this new me that suddenly filled out
dressed in a pair of pants, got some shoes,
and dental work.
I had a dog for Crissake!

Some of the others have no problem with it.
The Mouse never questions himself, never says
well, how did I get here? Donald, bag of insecurity
he is, never asks himself, Why a Duck?
It’s not in their nature, though it is telling
one gets the pants, and the other the shirt.
None of the others say to themselves, “What
kind of God would allow this to happen?” Why?
Are we made in His image? You mean filling pants,
wearing shoes is the solution? Is this a joke or a prayer?

That’s when I hit the sauce. I’ve been drinking
pretty heavily for a couple of years now.
Tossed in the slammer more than a couple
of times for public drunkenness which really
didn’t help my career. Tried rehab, busted out
more often than I can count and now I can’t afford it.
Do you think you could help? Even a twenty
would see me through the day. Oh bless you,
thank you, you’re a savior. That’s how you do it
right? Day by day, one step at a time.  On all fours.

(AP is one of the marvels of cartoon history. He premiered in 1937 with the Lantz Studios. Progressing from panda cub to anthropomorph had never occurred before and I doubt we will see it again. I question whether the audience will allow for it twice. That he succeeded was in no small part due to his charming nature and loveable antics. Obviously, the change was too much for him, as witness his later travails. It’s still important to allow such an important part of our history his voice, his opportunity to tell his story. GG)