my heart is in my performance
I love to act, to sing, to dance
I grew up in Great Barrington, Mass.
I was the star of every play
skit, sidewalk walk-on
I knew I loved the theatre
from the moment I could waddle
and mesmerize everyone
with my saucy walk

I started, always the ingénue
in summer theatre
I conspired to get away from my parents
to the bright lights of New York
how I love that town!
it seems now, everything that occurred there
was the best I would know
though at the time it seemed
moving to Hollywood
was just a culmination of everything
that came before
the attention, the accolades
on Broadway it seemed
I could do no wrong

I thought I knew it all
I came to Hollywood because everyone
told me I should, and I thought
they were right; it’s where I belong
but from the moment I arrived
I knew it wasn’t right for me
I should have turned
high tailed it home
but, I stayed because
foolish pride has always been
this hen’s downfall

I never could read anyone
whatever was going on around me
I was the last to know
of course
I did find out
I was just a prop for cover
for the star no one could tell the truth about
once I knew
I shut up
that’s what you do
you have no idea
what can happen
if you squawk

imagine you’re in a nightmare
you can’t wake up
because it’s all real
it’s reached the point
where you cannot
tell what is true and
what is a lie

that is, and has been since I came here,
my world

now I have told you this
can you tell me
is there anything good
in what we achieved?
does it matter when no one
knows what is true anymore?

(Of all the great stars, Miss Daisy opened up to me the most, I cherish her honesty. GG)