every little boy wants to be a hero
every little boy needs to believe in a hero
that’s why we exist, to inspire dreams

very few little boys get to be heroes
ask yourself, how many mice are heroes;

now, ask this question
does a mouse dream of being a hero?

what is a hero but
a superior being?

to be a hero is much more than just
the right place at the right time
it’s knowing this is your time
your time to step up, no more timid
fearful running from the shadow
The Mouse is in the House!

that is what drives me; no more timid
no, I don’t know about any of the girls
have you talked to Minnie?

(A strange, and I think, largely unrehearsed last conversation with the Great One. He popped up beside me as I was strolling. I believe it was a coincidence. I’d like to believe he had been thinking about our prior interviews. GG)