the amount of money I make is obscene
I believe they pay me that to offset,
to counter balance as it were,
any chance I would begin to identify
with the character I must play
I support four orphanages around the world
I have very few needs
I live simply, usually in a motel
or weekly hotel
I own a hot plate, 2 suitcases of clothes
an old gramophone, some recordings I cannot part with
I buy a book, read it and throw it out
I once threw out a first edition Mark Twain
I think he himself would have approved
I am dedicated to no attachment
pretty funny for a guy who plays a duck
who swims in a pool of gold
if I was really that guy
I would give it all away
and beg forgiveness
I didn’t want to keep playing the part
but then I realized
he’s actually a mouthpiece
I can use to confront and shame
people who should think more
about their life choices
(The original Sugar Daddy, what is there that isn’t to hate about the miser without a heart and a swimming pool full of gold, Donald’s filthy rich uncle debuted in 1947. GG)