Emma Webster tain’t here no more on Earth to answer
yur questions and I believe she is in a better place now
seeing as she didn’t get no ticket to immortarreality like
those other creatures that made her life such a living hell.
She was a kind and fine w’man but she told me time and time
again, they should have kept those anumals in pens cause
that’s what they are, dontcha see? nothing but anumals with
animule instincts. She said it repulsed her to go to work
when she came home she felt unclean— but that’s what
she said when she worked in any film. I can’t really understand
why she did what she did claiming to hate it as she did so.
There were a lot of odd looking children at the funeral
and flower arrangements that said “rest in the nest of love”
“wallow in joy now that you root in eternity” and such like
and everyone still talks about that one composted of
vegetables and trash and such — it was awful pretty
or pretty awful depending on your point of view.
The service was open casket as she requested, still
it was off putting when they all sniffed her. Again
when they howled as she was laid to rest.
(Granny was first featured in 1953. Im sorry I wasn’t granted the opportunity to speak with her in person. GG)