If I had a mouth I would tell you,
Felix is gone. No one has seen him in a while.
He jumped inside me. No one’s ever done that before.
Usually, Felix reaches in and pulls stuff out, tells
me to change myself into whatever, not
the other way around. But no one is asking; I’m
stuck here in his closet, in the dark, both literally
and figuratively. I have no eyes, ears, fingers, tongue
any of that stuff, except you did the smart thing,
you asked me, what I can tell you is I can’t tell you
what he‘s doing in there, and unless you want to dive in,
no one else will know either. Even then, you’ll have to
want to pull Felix out. You know, if you ask for it,
I’ll bring you the Holy Grail, but after that long inside,
I wouldn’t advise pulling out the Cat. One thing for sure,
he won’t be just Felix no more.
(Bag of Tricks was one of the first to take advantage of the new medium, television. Introduced in 1953. It brought a new wrinkle to an old character, helping resurrect the famous cat’s career. GG)