It is a little split in the gums, it stopped bleeding after a couple of minutes.
Arlen stops crying, eats his breakfast, tooth still seemingly
stuck adhesively in his head.

Deb faints in the bathroom.
Blood runs from her face as I watch her,
shout, “Oh shit, oh shit, don’t you pass out on me now,”
watch her slip like a sack of wet cement forward,
catch her, push her back onto the toilet seat,
slap her face, “c’mon wake up I need you”
grip her lip and pinch it; she snores.

I shake you until you wake up. “Quit shouting at me!”
“Shut up, you’ve fainted, lie down on the floor.”
You look at me like you have been woken from a dream
with the oddest news you could imagine, “I fainted?”