I want meat, I want potato,
I eat steak and kidney pie. I eat
bacon eggs tomato french fries
breakfast noon morning night.
I eat eggs, I eat feathers, I eat
feet, neck, cowl and beak. I eat
anything I can wrap my teeth
around. I am hungry, I am a geek.
I want to eat something that will make me feel better.
I want to feel my gut full and free of hunger
that gnaws, eats and consumes me and never lets go.

I know hunger and I want to be free.
I cannot remember
who I was, only who I am.

I eat steakette, I eat dirt,
I eat pain, I eat truth.
I eat shit, there is no excuse,
I eat misery, and wear it like a shirt.
I want meatballs, I want shrimp,
I want a negligee and someone in it.
I want an ending. I want a brand new start.
I want a car that won’t fall apart.

I have every food I could want
within reach & I am not hungry.
Strawberries, grapes, apples, pears,
scallops, beef, chicken, custard,
cheese— smelly and plain—condiments,
sweet, salty & sour, eggs, milk, yogurt—
I am not hungry.

I dream of food. Here it is. I do not want it.
Savouries. Here they are, savour them.
Please all I want is bread. We can give you
baguettes, challah, pita and naan,
chapatis, burritos, brioche, bruschetta.

Please, I beg you—bread, I need
bread—how will anyone love me?

I need to stuff my mouth until I cannot breathe.
I need to stop salivating, there is an ache in my gut
that eats me alive. I have heard it said to settle
your stomach all you need is a little bread.
I am so hungry and I cannot eat.
I know all I need is a little bread.