The pathetic fallacy is the treatment of inanimate objects as if they had human feelings, thought, or sensations. The word ‘pathetic’ in this use is related to ‘pathos’ or ’empathy’ (capability of feeling), and is not pejorative. In the discussion of literature, the pathetic fallacy is similar to personification.

I digress.
The Monochromatics is not an exploration of how everyday objects can be described as possessing human characteristics – it is a catalogue of the creations that cannot escape us. Things that are the extension of our intent and conception – these are beings we always ignore. Everything we make is just an exaggeration of ourselves.

The Monochromatics started with the bomb. I didn’t mean to write the Monchromatics when I wrote the bomb—but I couldn’t leave it alone. Once the thought occurred—the rest was just natural.

Initially, I resisted organizing the work alphabetically—but I gave in when I realized, with a paradictionary, there is no other way.

An earlier version of Monochromatics was published by “Scat!” Spring 1985, Innis College, University of Toronto.