get smart, be stupid

get smart, be stupid
you want to live?
get used to it
blind eye forward
fall in line
no more questions
“What is it this time?”
think like that
you’ll live a little longer
ignore the facts
be a little stronger

be stupid, get smart
a fast getaway from the start
on your way
to big better things
in the playground
it’s the King who swings
“Who needs the birds?”
let the angels sing
your fall from disgrace
now take your place
in the land of whatever

you’re stupid, good for you
shows you got
the right attitude
dumb up, talk down
there’s a lot to ignore
a whole lot more in store
you need to
prophylatically contain
because there really is no
reason to explain

smarten up, get stupid
it’s not enough to say it
prove it

My Ford Moment

B 4d I apologize
I must say I despise
the way you judge me
in this, my Ford moment

caught between the crosshairs
I’ll blow a kiss, act debonair
and hope you don’t think I’m gay
oops, sorry — just another Ford moment

I told you I said sorry
I don’t get the story
c’mon I’m just another drunk
having another Ford moment

so I smoke a little crack
you got no right to call me whack
if I don’t like it, I’ll get you back
hang on for just a Ford moment

I live in a castle
made of no hassle
can’t stop me now
I‘m Robbie Hustle
gonna flex some muscle
everyone stand back
sometimes I’m a maniac

Look I’ll give you a chance
I wasn’t in that place
I’ve no more to explain
say that again I’ll dance on your face

What can I say? I’m Canadian
I’m going to apologize again and again!

And I can assure you — each one of you
is doing right now what everyone has done at one point or another in their life and just like all of you I am also
having another Ford moment


Dogs didn’t use to be so much fun
once they were just regular guys
wore shirts, suits and ties
sweaters, leisure wear, penny loafers
and that was OK, that was all right
but dogs
would run
through hedges streams sewers and puddles
and the dry cleaning bill was enormous
things went from bad to worse
and dogs paid no attention
so dogs lost their shirts
and they had to eat bones (cause they’re cheap)
and they don’t wear clothes (they think it’s a joke)
and because no one pays attention
because no one pays the slightest bit of attention
Dogs have a lot of fun (Uh hunh, Uh hunh)
Dogs have a lot of fun (Uh hunh)

<Jas. Brown it as long as you like>


I married a planet today
and I put a ring — right on her finger


She’s a bright, bright star
she was in Hollywood today
I love her, I love her, I love her, I love her,
I love her deliriously
I think she’s delicious
she’s in heaven now with me
I married a planet
she’ll do anything for me
I got a … Good Job
and soon I’ll be rich
I married a planet
Yeah, don’t tell me love’s a bitch


I bought her a ring
and I put it on her finger
and I told her one thing
I said

Ooooooooooooo Saturn!

Do Wah Diddy Diddy Diddy, Diddy Diddy Diddy, Saturn!


Love Drone

you got me at the border
you got me in my home
there’s no use pretending
you’re my love drone

whispered messages just for me
remove me from your misery
that’s the way your love grows
you stay – I gotta go

just because I make unreasonable demands
doesn’t mean you’re less of a man
any woman would understand
in love there’s a chain of command

who knew God would happen to arrive
I say murder, you say clandestine
Love is more than what’s left of me
you gotta leave me some mystery

you got me with your love drone
you got me in my home
I told you it was over, we were through
and you went all remote

digital love

I heard you
coming through loud & clear
digital beat
pulse electrique
someone unique

I saw you
digital queen
so obscene
better than any man’s dream
jpg selfie making the scene

I felt you
through my mouse
it happened just
a simple impulse
what ever happens next is just because

what I want is a taste
a wave
send me a ping
so I can authenticate that

what I want is
more than I want to
get next to you

all I want is one sweet scent
don’t act like that’s an accident

I got stone and I got sand
but you got me in your hand
I went to school, studied geography
all I know is you got a hold on me

my world is binary since you arrived
you re-wrote all my passwords until I was denied
before you appeared I only survived
now it’s real — your clock is on time


I want to pretend
I am an astronaut
I want to pretend
I am on Mars
You are all
little twinkling stars

Dust motes imagine
they are men
Men turn to dust
I want to pretend
I am a captive
of gravity
it draws me to you
and you to me

I want to pretend
I am far, I am near
I want to pretend
I know it all
I want to pretend
made it all

I want to pretend
I am as instant
as a polaroid
I want to pretend
I am in a spaceship
nightside planet
decaying orbital fall
star flame blind

I want to pretend
I will blaze like a comet,
a meteor,
no one can ignore
and as I fall
I want to pretend
the idea was to soar