11 – chorus: Business Suite

Timothy E first blew a melody
on the corn husk hymns of his forefathers
and one hundred per cent satisfaction
guaranteed and consequently made out
admirably – sea to sea – and built a church
for posterity.
Toronto may change but
its capital comes naturally, religiously.
The Meeting Place resonates with the
printing press of MacKenzie, of Bassett
and Pelideau – everyone wants to print
money in Toronto.
Roger me that communication
commando, Maple Leaf, Blue Jay, Raptor,
Argo! the sweet spot may lose, but the cash
registers sing; Reichman bank towers, Heintzman
piano bowers, croon to each other, “This
is our golden hour.” CN stockyards, rails stretch
West to East, whisper coast to coast “More for All,
the Best for Least,” and everyone hears lease
and imagines it can be theirs for a song – in time,
make it rhyme, Money and Me, making it easy,
making it big, taking a bite of the Big Apple
and stuffing it right in the mouth
of the roast pig, Hogtown here I come.

12 – chorus: song of capitalism

trapped in the nine to five, nothing but an excuse in a cubicle, everything is going downhill, this whole company is on the skids, over there Lois was fired last week, anyone could be next to go, times are really tight and I’m just keeping my head down, waiting for some kind of break or maybe I’ll just go to Crete, anywhere but this dead end didn’t ask for it really live to hate it job

putting things up, taking ‘em down—that’s pretty well what we do and business is good either way you look at it—rapidly expanding, strong backing, best men in the industry and just give ‘em their lead is what I say—people like that appreciate you backing them 100% —it’s the only way things get done

looking for a deal, looking for a deal, what’s that worth, what do they sell that for, what can you do with that, where can I get a thousand like that, looking for the high rollers, looking for the money ladies, looking for the man, where is the man, are you the man? cause I am looking for the man, looking for a sweet deal, something to make it all better, looking for where it’s at

it’s just the sheer pace of it, when you’re on the floor, and it’s happening and you know—you know—at that moment you are at the fountain of what is happening in the world right now—right now—it is like a pulse, like a fist grabbing your nuts—you’re faint and you’re scared and then you realize—you’re feeling it, the flow, the making, the veritable manufacture of wealth—breathe it, pound it through your veins, you aren’t looking at the motherlode, my friend—you are the motherlode!

People get in my cab and the first thing they do is play let’s make a deal—as if I don’t got enough to contend with—look on the back of the seat buddy, it’s printed there plain as English—you pay what’s on the meter, if the meter ain’t on, the trips for free. This town nothing’s for free. You want me to turn on the meter, or not?