first you try to run away—then you try to talk—then, if you are attacked, move like this, roll aside from their motion and thrust like this, push them into the power of their blow and run away—if they follow and catch you, then continue to defend yourself and run away again—do everything you can to just get away—if they continue to attack and you must defend yourself then you must choose which level of force you are capable of, and whether you are prepared to live with the consequences—to defend yourself against greater power you must have a weapon—if your life is threatened it is your right to defend yourself—if you must defend yourself then use your weapon to kill—a hurt enemy will only try to hurt you again—if you have to put them down, put them down for good—you have a right to defend yourself—you cannot be convicted if you were defending yourself—do not commit an act of aggression—remember to talk first before you defend yourself—remember to defend yourself with all possible force—defined as what is necessary to remove the threat—remember to assess the situation first, then act resolutely—try to talk first