A is a cathedral, a pinhole, a window that lets through the light
B is the belly that bears beneath the breast the C, the D, and all the rest
C is a cup fallen on its side, a sea shell by the ocean asking “what lies inside”
D is a sail on the Spanish Main, a ship at sea, maybe friend, or foe
E is the wall we make about our home
F is a ruin, all alone
G — in lower case a tank, or a curved sword with a hilt, a Byzantine C in majuscule
H is a bridge between you and me
I is it one or just me on my own, who said that a single stroke is a man? I am the tower, a column, strike from sight all that is within
J the hook, the stroke, the mark of a fish
K an officer marching to war
L the architect
M the mountains
N a slide, a climb, the endless ride, a crooked smile, the final degree
O the mouth
P the false mouth
Q the wave of the world
R a man striding into the sense of what surrounds him, great with the sense of himself
S the shape of thought, chosen to make many of one
T the rise of man
U the cup redeemed
V the moment, the peck of the beak, the valley, two sides joined that don’t want to be
W the peck of two, the mountain in the valley, the join of rivers
X the mark that was replaced by I
Y the moment of truth
Z the slip, the fall, the slide on its side, the rotation of everything you thought, the shape of light seen from inside the needle’s hole, a dot in the sky, the dot, the light, your eye, what you see