I’m an organizer
and there’s nothing I like better
than organizing;
so start marching,
you’re recruits
in an Army —
an Army of Mine.

We’ll organize the beggars
to dance in the streets
the tin cup of pennies
to keep the beat.
We’ll teach the housewives
to keep everything neat
and arm paramilitary
to turn up the heat.
Shake, Rattle, Battle,
nothing better than a fight
to keep what’s mine
and make everything right.
Like a good fighter
I leave nothing to chance
poke you in the eye
kick you in the pants;
I control the reports
what is said
you probably believe
what you just read —
and that’s a tribute to

Weapons only represent
orders you must follow

Tighten your belts

Let’s clean machetes, gas cans, hammers
in Rwanda,
in Baghdad,
in Tibet,
in beautiful and historic Myanmar.