books are underwear for the brain


before banking, baking
yeast precedes money
ownership gives rise to envy
put that between your legs
profit rises, body count rises
inequity leads to war
a defense contract is icing on the cake
food fight


puritan principle of propulsion
cars fit in the palm of your hand
explosions and steel wheels
convey our fondest wish
upon the star a hood
and hot engine sweating in the night
great way to do business
the last bargain in the
hockshop of human dream being
now i go where i want

cling wrap

is so caught up in itself
that it is transparent
that’s why we trust it
not because it is easy
but because it is true
anything in cling wrap is close
to the ideal
sealed perfectly
it makes it look
just like it is


cloth is the talk
about talking
where does it start?
how long does this continue?
when does it stop?
no one agrees what is
if what is an answer

everyone agrees to pull it apart
and everyone pulls it apart
and everyone is left with threads

evidently, it is difficult to experiment with
demands special tools and knowledge
and cannot be put back together
as easily as pulled apart
it won’t reveal
what you don’t want others to know
but that’s not what cloth is about
cloth is what it’s about

clothes hanger

so simple
a child can undo it
butler, burglar, kitchen aid, tangled nightmare
bow tie of wire for
the well dressed man
locked out of his car
trying to reach a dollar bill
secretly scratching an awkward itch
once you’ve got it, you can’t do without it
isn’t Nature a marvellous thing?


is the thing
in the real
(see steel)


each morning America wakes up to a new hamburger
and the unbound road winds round the world
wrapping it for delivery to the house of tomorrow
as another truck rushes by with a whirling
belly of concrete ready to be made into the newest
ruins because concrete makes the best rubble
and history is only ground beef waiting
to be cast into stone anytime of day or night

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