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In Cape Breton live Cape Bretoners from Scotland
They are there because they had to leave their home
They’re kinda bored and kinda sore about it
but in Canada there’s nothing they can do.

Oh, oh Canada
It’s so dull and boring standing guard for thee
Is there nothing else around here?
Than try to find a job and watch TV?

The Indians knew how to make it happen
Didn’t even have to borrow from the bank.
Imagine, talking to all those animals
Then this land was something, not a blank.

Our young Canadians today are running to the West
For reasons of their own and none specific
Oh Canada, now you tell them that there’s nothing out there
So they don’t go belly-up in the Pacific.

Stick it in your ear Ontario
How far from your Tower of Babel will you stoop
You’re so god damned inhibited and careful
Don’t even drop your pants to have a poop.

Oh oh Canada
It’s so dull and boring standing guard for thee
Is this really all you want of us?
To try to find a job and watch TV?

Oh. So Canada has packed its bags and left us
To build a place somewhere up in the snow
Will Canada come back here for the summers?
The newsman said last night he didn’t know.

Colin MacAdam, circa 1977|
(Happy 150th Canada, eh!)



ol MacD
Old McDonald had a farm, eeyi eeyi oh
Until big business closed him down eeyi eeyi oh
With a middle man here and a middle man there
Here a production quota, there a price freeze
Put every farmer on his knees
Old McDonald lost his shirt
And got plowed underground.

(on the occasion of an alternative food event in Peterborough, circa 1978) 



pg_20375-another-creepy-clown.pngThe sun’s come up again today.
The train went by on time
It seems this world is working still
It can do without us just fine.

Every body thinks of what to do
Tomorrow, today, and right now.
Hey, whaddaya say we all do the same thing
Let’s jump in the river and drown.

I don’t know how to work with tools
This body’s always in my way
I’m tired of waking up, and putting on clothes
Let’s kill ourselves today

All of us, everyone
Let’s smile and toss in our hats
it’s been a good time, everybody’s in tune
Just let’s see if we can take this thing to a different room.

alexamenos-graffitoI am a student
I am ignored as a cow is ignored
I am instructed and I work
Within fences and beautiful barn board stalls
I lay eggs.

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